The main service we specialise in is the transport of goods, using both national and international routes, throughout Europe through our company Ttes. Int. Rovira.

We are the logistics department of this business

Were created with the goal of providing our clients with a logistics facility, which is why we have more than 4,000 m2 of our own facilities and a team of professional testers to ensure an ever impeccable service.

Our ‘Cross Docking’ service, which operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a week, focuses on the refrigeration of Alginet goods, which comes from all over Spain and which we then distribute to the rest of Europe.

Servicom, having been awarded the ISO certificate [IFS LOGISTICS], assures the highest standard of both the provision and management of its services, as much in the shipping of goods as the reception and storage of orders.

The successful operation of all transactions and shipments over the years, such as arriving at the agreed time and providing the best value for money, has made our clients have complete confidence in us.